Welcome To Our Site

Greetings Fellow Pastors and Churches

I trust this correspondence finds you gracefully secure and successful in ministry, in spite of the year’s challenges, adversities and obstacles that we have all faced amidst the pandemic.


I thank God for the opportunity to serve the Zion Missionary Baptist Association as Moderator.  I encourage all Pastors and Members to come and connect and reconnect with other servant leaders.

As we glean from each exchange of wisdom, experiences and trials, excellence in ministry is never accidental—if it is intentional, deliberate, and demanding.  Let us:  (1) Explore the tools of ministry and leadership that can help you serve the church more effectively, and (2) Learn more about how your personal life and your family can be better taken care of as we move through the next four years of ministry.


Our Associational Theme is:  “Developing Spiritual Unity” derived from the writing of the Apostle Paul to the Church; Ephesians: Chapter 4, Verses 7-13.


Let us all connect and engage as our Associational Sub-theme invites us: 

“Forward Teaching, Forward Preaching, Moving Forward in Unity”


My gratitude is extended to each Pastor, Minister, and Church for your commitment to our Association, evidenced by your presence and participation with us.  I believe that Zion has outstanding Auxiliary staff, and with the help of God and the Spirit of God, we can all move forward.

                                                                                    Envisioning the future in unity,

Reverend Dr. Jerry L. Tyson

ZMBA Moderator